Guidelines for new releases for pyedflib

vX.X.X refers to the release number

Tag the release and trigger bulding of wheels in appvoyer

Change ISRELEASED in to True and commit.

Appveyor will now build wheels for windows.

Tag the relase with

`git tag -s vX.X.X`

and push the tag to master.

Clean up source

Remove untraced files with git clean

First check which files will be deleted:

`git clean -xfdn`

Then run without -n:

`git clean -xfd`

Create the source distribution files with:

`python sdist --formats=gztar,zip`

Upload the release and windows wheels to pypi

Download all wheels from Appveyor and put them into the dist directory

Register all files with

`twine register dist\filename_which_should_uploaded.whl`

and upload with

`twine upload  dist\filename_which_should_uploaded.whl`

Prepare for continued development

Increment the version number in and change ISRELEASED to False.